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Handheld Bidets vs Toilet Seat Bidets

Which should you choose, a handheld bidet, or a toilet seat bidet?

  • Both are very effective at cleaning after going to the bathroom.
  • Handheld bidet is easier to install than the toilet seat one.
  • Handheld bidet takes a bit more time to get used to (3 to 4 uses).
  • Toilet seat bidet is slightly harder to use because one has to position themselves at the precise point where the water jet is shooting.
  • Handheld bidet is easier to use barbecue it gives the user flexibility in terms of area to be cleaned (point and shoot).
  • Handheld has the added advantage of giving you an extra cleaning tool to wash down the toilet.

Both bidets are very effective and provide unsurpassed cleaning power. In the end, it really comes down to a personal preference.