Question 1 - How easy is it to use the handheld bidet?

The handheld Handy Bidet is very simple to use. For frontal cleaning, simply point sprayer towards groin area and squeeze the trigger in small squirts. For rear cleaning, while still seated, slide forward a bit until you can hold the sprayer pointing up at a 45 degree angle towards the area to be cleaned. Squeeze the trigger for a few seconds at a time. Nozzle sprayer should be approximately 2 inches from area to be cleaned.

Question 2 - Is it easy to install the handheld Handy Bidet?

Yes it is fairly easy to install the handheld Handy Bidet. The package comes with installation instructions that are easy to follow and do not require technical know-how.

Question 3 - Will the seat mounted bidet fit my toilet seat?

Yes, the seat mounted bidet is made for standard size toilet seats which makes up most of the toilet seats sold in the US and Canada.

Question 4 - Does the bidet connection need any adapters?

In 99%+ of cases, an adapter is not needed. Your package comes stand sized ready to install straight out of the box.

Question 5 - Can I adjust the water pressure coming out of the bidet?

Yes, both the handheld bidet and the toilet seat mounted bidet come with water pressure adjustment valves so that you can regulate the water pressure to suit your needs.

Question 6 - What is the difference between handheld and toilet seat bidets?

Please check our bidet comparison page.